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Exterior Painting - Rules for achieving a quality paint project
Interior Design Ideas and Hints


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Exterior Painting - Rules for achieving a quality paint project

EXTERIOR PAINTING - Why is my paint failing after only 5 yrs?

I too am shocked at how fast a newly constructed home needs to be painted here in the North West. In most cases from what I have seen it is not due to the product that has been used, although a higher quality product such as Sherwin Williams Resilience or Emeraldwill have better color retention and durability in the long run.Most of the problem comes with application. For example, in most cases a painter will bag your windows (tape and plastic), water down the paint 20%, stand back and spray it on.

Interior Design Ideas and Hints

While recently checking out Benjamin Moores site I came across some great pages that I couldn't help but get excited about and want to share with my clients.

and also some thing I also believe in...... DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR CEILINGS

Especially this is true when you have a room with an flat or slightly textured ceiling. Even if you want the ceiling to be the same color as you walls, use and eggshell or satin finish on your walls and a flat sheen on your ceilings.
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